Customer: George
Comment: Pearl's location in San Marco is excellent. The massage was great. It was very professional
and the only problem I had was trying to stay awake, because it was so relaxing. I highly recommend.

Customer: Jeanna
Comment: I visited Pearls last week for the first time at the recommendation of my Executive Assistant.
The facility was very clean, very professional, and very relaxing. The massage was excellent!! I will return again soon.

Customer: Paul S.
Comment: I had a reoccurring pain in my back from swimming laps and a 1 hour session has freed me from any discomfort.
It has been 5 or 6 weeks now and still no discomfort. Thanks Pearl.

Customer: John
Comment: I had a massage from Pearl today. Very quaint and relaxing location with the music soft and chanting
and the lighting was just right. I felt at ease, almost started snoring. Anyway, the massage was very very good and relaxing.
I will highly recommend this massage!!!

Customer: Erica Danese
Comment: I really enjoyed the visit I received for my birthday. The massage was very relaxing and so was the atmosphere.
The staff was friendly and prompt. I also really appreciated the hospitality that was given to my boyfriend while he waited for me.
Thanks again! I will definitely be returning for a massage in the near future.

Customer: Michael Atter
Comment: Ms. Peek: Thank you for seeing me today on such short notice. My low back was especially troublesome,
and the electrical stimulation to my Neck, Upper Back and Lower Back augmented your massage and provided significant relief.
The entire experience was professional, including the office/atmosphere and your demeanor.

Pearl Peek
Licensed Massage Therapist
3825 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
904 377-0613