Range of Motion

Do you think it is normal to not be able to turn your head to see behind you?
Itís not!

Many people I see have extreme loss of range of motion without realizing the
effects in their everyday lives.

For example:
Do you fasten your bra in the front and then slide it around to put it on?
Do you turn your whole body when checking your blind spot while driving?
Can you raise your arms completely over your head?
Donít worry you are not alone, and the daily issues that you struggle with
may be correctable. The full and expected norm of a muscleís movement is called
range of motion. If you have current limitations of your ROM, then please come see me.
I may be able to help you recover and prevent further loss from occurring. Make an
appointment today because the longer you remain without full motion,
the more time consuming the recovery process.

Reciprocal Inhibition
This remarkable technique is especially effective for acute muscle disorders and spasms.
Results are seen immediately. Often performed in our office fully dressed and comfortable seated,
this technique is a favorite of the office professional in a hurry on his or her lunch break.
Quick to alleviate the stiff neck you woke up with, to increase range of motion for a neck
that just wonít turn to its full potential, or for the muscle spasm that you just canít
concentrate with. Come see us for this quick pain reliever.

Pain relief - also see ETPS

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