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Pearl Peek L.M.T.
Florida Massage Therapist
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Massage and therapy services for relaxation and pain relief.


I offer a range of modalities to many types of patients.
Whether you have experienced chronic pain for years, woke up with a stiff neck,
or simply require a relaxation massage to relieve stress and tension, I can help.

Are you suffering through pain?

Do you want to feel better?

Pearl's Goal

To reduce pain caused from illness or injury, and to induce relaxation.

A free consultation before each service allows me to better determine your specific needs.

Some of the Benefits of Massage Therapy

* Relieves headaches
* Alleviates pain
* Reduces stress
* Increases circulation
* Lowers blood pressure
* Boosts immunity
* Promotes healing

A session consists of one or any combination of the following:

Deep tissue massage
This treatment focuses on the deeper layers of muscle
and is used primarily for muscle damage.

Relaxation massage
The most common type of massage; relaxes and energizes.

ETPS Therapy
Non- invasive stimulation to acutherapy points. This modality of treatment
is well known for its ability to relieve pain without side effects.

Gift Certificates available

Pearl Peek
Licensed Massage Therapist
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904 377-0613