Microcurrent Point Stimulation


If you have heard about the ever-popular ETPS therapy, then you know already of its amazing outcomes.
ETPS therapy combined with massage can provide optimal pain relief and renewed range of motion.
If you are not familiar with ETPS, then read on, it could very well be the catalyst to relieve life long pain.

What is ETPS?
ETPS is a specific approach to pain that uses the best from all therapies. It is typically effective on over 95%
of my patients and I can easily determine if a patient will be responsive within 1-2 treatments
(effects are often seen instantly). ETPS utilizes a special tool that was designed to mimic
the electrical current your body produces.Because it is monophasic direct current,
it can affect tissues of the body in a therapeutic way. Unlike the traditional TENS unit, based on the
Gate Control Theory of pain, TENS units stimulate the body with alternating current
to overload the pain receptors, which can occasionally, very temporarily relieve pain.
ETPS is extremely safe since it produces 100 times less current than traditional TENS
and is only applied to very specific points on the body with each point receiving stimulation
for approximately 15 seconds. When I treat with ETPS, I use traditional acupuncture points
(without needles) to calm the fears, angers and worries that patients experience.
The emotional system can often be the key to unlocking the pain puzzle and it should never be discounted.

Determining the Origins of the Problem
With ETPS, I use a predetermined series of steps to determine the root cause of the problem by outcomes.
If after any step the patient feels better, I've found the cause. If not, I go on to the next step.
For example, a migraine headache can have many causes such as the sacrum and lower back,
the upper cervical occipital area, or through hormonal imbalances. With my approach I isolate
different areas of the body and assess and treat those areas. I start with a few acupuncture points
in the hand (hormonal), move on (if necessary), to treating the lower back and sacrum,
then apply stimulation to the back of the neck and trapezius regions, and finish off with local points.
Experience suggests 90% of migraines are caused in the sacrum, so if your therapist is not treating there,
you are probably not getting the results you want. Every pain condition has been broken down
into a simple series of steps. It allows the therapist to quickly determine the optimal points to treat.
For example if someone complains of elbow pain, itís almost never caused near the elbow.
Itís usually a problem in the neck, lower back, or muscles in the gluteal area (piriformis).
You have to step outside the box to successfully treat pain conditions today. A major problem in
Western and Eastern medicine is that they isolate the pain conditions to their way of thinking
without looking at how the rest of the body influences the problem.

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